ou are unhappy about your job. All the passion is gone. You work long hours everyday and you don’t have time for anything else in your life but work. You are tired all the time and you feel restless. Even though this is what you have worked hard for, it’s not making you happy anymore. You’re at work longer than any other place in your life. You need to feel content about what you are doing everyday and enjoy it. When those feelings are gone, it’s time to make a career change. But how do you go about changing your career? The first thing is to accept you are depressed about your current career. No matter how hard you have worked to get that position all the passion and desire is gone. You need to take some time to find a new career that you can have some passion about and plan out the way to get it. If you don’t seek out something that you can be passionate about in your career, you will become unhappy again. Don’t just change jobs, but change to something that you really want to do and can be excited about. We get depressed in our careers when things become monotonous at work and all the joy is gone. This is what make us not want to be there. Decide what you want to do next and plan it out for that change. Research that job field to know all the different aspects of it to see if you will enjoy doing it. Make sure you are not jumping from one job to be doing the same thing in a new one. Talk to someone that might already be in that field to find out what a day to day is like. If you change careers you might have to start at the bottom to work your way up. Understand this when you change careers and don’t expect to walk in in the same position you had. This can be very exciting to grow and work your way up in a company. Do some rearch also on how long it will take a person to reach the level that they want to be in. Find out if you have to work long hours like you did on your last job. That was one of the things that had you depressed about your old job, working all the time and not having time for yourself. Make sure you won’t be jumping back into that same situation also. Take your time to discover what you really want to do next and plan out the way to do it. Once you have found the new career you want, spend time researching it carefully. Changing careers can be scary from walking away from what you have already been doing to doing something you never did before. If you have discovered that your present career has made you unhappy and depressed, it’s time to make a change. Study and get a understanding about the new career that you want to venture out into and it can be a very exciting career change instead of a fearful one.